• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Transpersonal Energy Healing?

    Transpersonal Energy Healing is a combination of gentle hands-on touch to stimulate the chakra energy centers, with an art of inquiry dialogue between therapist and client. The process increases our awareness and inner wisdom of our essential self as body mind, and spirit, resulting in positive holistic health benefits.

    Is this like Acupuncture or Reiki?

    There are similarities in that these systems work with the flow of chi energy. If you’ve ever experienced acupuncture you may have noticed a sensation something like an electrical current flowing along the meridian from the point the acupuncturist needled. Transpersonal Energy Healing stimulates energy flow without the use of needles. It works through hands on contact that sometimes incorporates acupressure point work, structural manipulation, or gentle movement or breath exercises to open blocked muscles groupings. Transpersonal Energy Therapy differs from Reiki in that it may incorporate when appropriate, dialoguing with the body’s innate belief systems, utilize emotional release and movement techniques to achieve a deep level of Holistic integration.

    How is The Healers’ Forum different from other healing programs?

    • Many healing schools do not address the psychological beliefs, emotional patterns that are important factors that must be addressed to bring about real transformational growth. The Healers’ Forum places an important emphasis on both and provides in depth Energy Psychology through highly qualified teachers.
    • Most of our classes are limited in size to 30 participants and our teacher / student ratio is approximately 6 to 1.
    • We offer our program as a personal self-growth and healing platform with an option for professional career training as an Energy Healing Practitioner and/ Counselor.
    • The Healers’ Forum teaches Energy Healing practitioners an art of body/mind counseling to facilitate the integration of emotions and to assist clients in re-formulating healthy psychological beliefs to support their movement toward a richer more balanced life.
    • Energy Healing training at The Healers’ Forum teaches students who wish to have a professional practice, how to start and manage their business. We offer guidance in all the legal, ethical, marketing, sales and financial concerns needed to make a successful living as professional Energy Healing therapists.

    Can Energy Healing have medical benefits?

    Most individuals who have experienced Transpersonal Energy Healing would respond with an enthusiastic “Yes.” Transpersonal Energy Healing often brings about a deep sense of peace and well-being, effectively reducing stress and potentially yielding such benefits as lowered blood pressure and balanced brain wave patterns. Regular participation in Transpersonal Energy Healing helps to maintain the body’s energy flow, which in turn helps prevent illness as well facilitate the healing of current illness. Transpersonal Energy Healing is not a substitute for consultation or treatment with licensed medical professionals and should never be used to diagnose medical conditions. Transpersonal Energy Healing serves as an effective complement to traditional allopathic medical care.

    Can you describe a typical session of Transpersonal Energy Healing?

    Each session is different. Some time is spent discussing your health goals and needs. You will explore and discuss the root causes of your presenting concerns from an emotional, psychological and spiritual foundation. Your practitioner will work with you on education and re-education of the physiology on the cellular level to facilitate your healing and incorporate hands-on healing contact.