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    What is a Transpersonal Energy Healing Session?

    Transpersonal Energy Healing is a form of complementary medicine therapy that uses a physical, psychological and spiritual body/mind approach to holistic health. It includes gentle hands on contact to bring clarity to the mind and calm the nervous system to bring about a profound state of relaxation and well being.

    Who is qualified to provide this service?

    All practitioners and graduates listed on this page have achieved professional training in varying levels of Certification. Lionheart training is registered with the state of California as a professional institution approved to provide Continuing Education Units to certain licensed professionals. These licensed professionals include: CA board of Registered Nurses # 1565, Acupuncture Board #912, Massage Therapists, NCBTMB 450211-06, Board of Behavioral Sciences for psychotherapists, social workers, LCSW’s, BBS #4065.

    All healers that graduated our programs before September 2017 were part of the LIONHEART SCHOOL OF TRANSPERSONAL ENERGY HEALING, which closed after that date. Lionheart training was registered with the state of California as a professional institution approved to provide Continuing Education Units to certain licensed professionals. These licensed professionals include: CA board of Registered Nurses # 1565, Acupuncture Board #912, Massage Therapists, NCBTMB 450211-06, Board of Behavioral Sciences for psychotherapists, social workers, LCSW’s, BBS #4065.

    The Healers Forum certifications cover only the second half of the Level 2 program below and do not qualify for the CEUs listed above.

    There are 3 levels of course work that were taught in the Lionheart/Healers Forum program for certification:

    Level 1 – The Body Mind Balance (BMB) Certificate – LIONHEART ONLY -requires 35hours of intensive classroom training. Practitioners who have achieved this level are qualified to professionally provide the Body Mind Balance Transpersonal Energy Healing technique. Their service brings clients into a deep state of relaxation that reduces stress and lessens anxiety.

    Level 1+ – Energy Healing Practitioner (EHP) – LIONHEART ONLY -graduates have completed 159 classroom hours of training. Their service includes the Body Mind Balance and a variety of advanced skills that address specific chronic and holistic health issues that bring about profound healing and a state of relaxation allowing your physiology to facilitate healing from chronic stress, illness or injury.

    Level 2 – Energy Healing Counselors (EHC) – LIONHEART AND HEALERS FORUM -have completed 180 classroom hours of training. EHC practitioners incorporate an art of holistic inquiry that helps you redirect the vital life force of consciousness from negative or self limiting beliefs toward greater health and well-being. In addition to this Energy Counselors are trained to provide the Body Mind Balance technique as well as other advanced skills in hands-on Transpersonal Energy Healing.

    For your safety

    Lionheart/Healers Forum does not and cannot actively monitor its graduates in private practice. Therefore, this directory is offered as a service and is not an endorsement or recommendation of any practitioner listed. Lionheart specifically disclaims responsibility for the work and conduct of any individual healer listed on this site. Finally, energy healing facilitates the body’s own healing mechanisms. No practitioner, counselor or therapist listed on this site can promise healing, and particular results are never guaranteed.

    Alma Hachey, BMB, EHC
    North Carolina

    I am a Certified Functional Health Coach, Gluten Practitioner, Transpersonal Energy Healer, and a Thai Yoga Stretching Therapist. I incorporate various healing modalities to guide you, so that you can connect to your inner peace, vitality and joy. I believe in the amazing potential of the human body and I am passionate about teaching individuals how to ignite their own inner healer.

    Amanda Lichwala, BMB
    Santa Monica, Studio City, and Los Angeles areas
    (310) 500-9035

    My life's passion is to use energy healing to bring balance to the mind, body, and soul and to help shift energy where it's needed in order to be the greatest version of you that you could be!

    Amber Keating, LCSW, PYT, EHP, EHC
    Studio City
    818-646-SOUL (7685)

    I provide a unique combination of talk therapy, energy healing, and medical therapeutic yoga to help you transform your emotional and physical pain into joyful power.

    1218 E. 1st Street, Long Beach
    (310) 754-0156

    Hands-on energy healing and emotional support.

    Andrea Olschwang
    (424) 272-5218

    Mind Body Therapist

    Angela Bravo, Esthetician, BMB
    4446 Forman, Toluca Lake
    (818) 314-1124

    I combine Quiet Mind facials with Body Mind Balance"
    "Massaging the HEART" and provide stress relief.

    Annabelle Ruffell
    (310) 927-1409

    I specialize in Hands on Energy healing for stress relief.

    Anthony Rodriguez, EHP
    6179 Oak Crest Way
    Los Angeles
    (818) 442-1717

    Transpersonal Grounded Energy Healing

    Ariela Hayes, BMC, EHP
    2101 Queen St. Ste. 1A
    (340) 514-7732

    Love and Light

    Austyn Wells, EHP.

    Specialty: Spiritual Medium & Soul Gardener, Grief Counselor

    Becca Hunnicutt, EHP, EHC, EHT
    (818) 839-2047

    Guiding abuse survivors toward emotional recovery and freedom.

    (347) 266-3267

    Connects with clients' guardian angels for additional healing and guidance.

    Bonnie Sadigh, PNLP, PTT, CCHt
    1575 Westwood Blvd. # 205
    Los Angeles
    (310) 930-1548

    Life & Success Coach
    Level 1 The Body Mind Balance Certificate
    CCHt (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

    I provide hands on Energy Healing for stress relief and deep relaxation.

    Brandi Lozano
    Santa Monica
    (323) 327-1672

    Specialty: Transpersonal Energy Healing and the Somatic Nervous system. Focused on re-active behaviors as a result of trauma or forgotten memories stored in the body.

    454 N Ave. 56
    Highland Park
    (626) 731-1744
    Christina Brocato BMB
    Glendale, California
    (323) 440-0174

    I provide hands on energy healing to help assist in the flow of energy within the body. My goal is to be a guide to help my clients understand their energetic body and how clearing energetic blockages can provide emotional and physical healing. I provide tools specific to each client’s needs to empower them to work with me to become their most authentic self.

    Christina Mc Mahon
    Los Angeles and Santa Barbara
    (805) 570-0239

    I'm an energy healer counselor based in mid-city, Los Angeles with a smaller practice in Santa Barbara. Through a combination of hands-on healing, deep counseling, guided meditation, and Reiki, I can help bring you back into balance. I'm especially devoted to supporting amazing single women to open up their heart chakras and attract in the sacred partner they desire and deserve.

    Christine Wong  ASW, MSW, BMB
    Alhambra, Arcadia, Monrovia, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Temple City and surrounding areas.
    (909) 929-1976

    Certified Body Mind Balance energy healer and a pre-licensed mental health therapist combining both techniques for holistic healing.

    22912 Leonora Dr.
    Woodland Hills

    I create space where there is restriction.

    David Devora
    West Hollywood
    (818) 288-5740

    Level 1 Body Mind Balance

    Deborah Charles, BMB
    Sonoma County
    (917) 215-8202

    I provide hands-on or distant energy healing and spiritual counseling; body movement, breath work, meditation and aroma therapy, for individuals who feel stressed, stuck, lost, ungrounded, or who have experienced grief, loss, trauma, and/or depression, infused with Harmonic induction to increase levels of Balancing the Mind Body Soul and Spirit.

    Feel free to book your session online.
    I look forward to working with you!


    Dr. Maylei Blackwell, Ph.D., BMC, EHT
    Long Beach, Los Angeles
    (562) 283-8018

    Getting Unstuck. Healing to Manifest Your Life’s Dream/Work. Healing for Writers, Artists, and Creative People. Supporting People of Color and LGBT. Historical Trauma. Long Beach and Los Angeles Locations. Evening and Weekend Appointments Available.

    Emily Smith, M.A. in Social Work, EHP, EHC
    Eagle Rock
    (207) 432-5226

    I provide hands-on or distant energy healing and spiritual counseling; body movement, breath work, meditation and aroma therapy, for individuals who feel stressed, stuck, lost, ungrounded, or who have experienced grief, loss, trauma, and/or depression.

    Eric Vidar
    Studio City
    (818) 235-7881

    Specialty: Provide Hands on Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing for stress relief and well being.

    Erin Ramos, BMC, EHT
    Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley
    (626) 476-1468
    Felicia Evans, BSW,BMB
    Long Beach
    (505) 702-2601

    I provide hands-on energy healing to relieve stress so you may relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

    Hillary Bedell, EHT, EHC
    (310) 752-3426

    BA Child Developement
    Children and Adults
    Venice,Santa Monica,Topanga

    Isabella Errico-Dossi, EHP,MA,BMC,EHT

    Hands-on energy healing

    Highest Level of Completion: Level 3 Energy Healing Therapist EHT (500 hours)

    Jane Guyette, BMB
    209 E River Dr., De Pere
    (209) 985-2691
    Jonathan Bessone, CMT, BHSP, BIP
    9552 Hillhaven Pl, Tujunga
    (772) 521-8973

    I specialize in body-centered awakening process and supporting healers, teachers & facilitators who have a vision of service to bring their gifts into manifestation.

    Karine Hovsepian BMB
    (805) 279-3028

    I combine holistic health coaching with hands-on energy healing to help you achieve optimum wellness and discover inner peace, joy, and relaxation.

    San Diego
    (619) 994-0621
    Kelsea Mazzocco
    173 Glendora Ave, Long Beach
    (562) 714-9815

    Energy healing and chakra balancing. Specialize in neuro-linguistic programming. CEO of Holistic Investment.

    Kristi Slager, BMB
    5110 Cahuenga Blvd. North Hollywood
    (818) 880-6902

    Level 1 The Body Mind Balance Certificate

    Latham Koziak, Sasha
    757 Holland Ave., Los Angeles
    (626) 824-1324

    Hands on energy healing, counseling/life coach, movement/fitness/nutrition, transformation! 

    Lindsay Parker Heber, EHP
    Studio City
    (818) 925-6630

    I provide hands-on, energy healing with guided imagery and therapeutic techniques.

    Lisa Gunn, BMB
    (818) 406-1009

    As a hands-on Healer, I specialize in helping people to feel more balanced and grounded for a better sense of well-being.

    Lisa Pantoja EHP, BMC
    Studio City, Toluca Lake, Burbank
    (818) 679-5809

    Certified Body Mind Counselor utilizing a combination of essential oils and crystals to assist and enhance in the enrichment of the body, mind and spirit.

    San Antonio, TX 78261
    (210) 787-9214

    Specializing in holistic bodywork techniques aimed to relax, de-stress and clear energy blocks to enable overall wellness. Spanish speaking, Distance sessions available.

    Lucas Bane
    923 N. San Vicente Blvd.
    West Hollywood
    (323) 270-8929
    Mariam Johns, MPA
    19602 Lanark Ct.
    Reseda Ranch
    (949) 212-9740

    MPA Level 1


    Level 1 Body Mind Balance
    Counselor and Massage Therapist in the technique "Masaje Curativo Ancestral" based in México.
    Certified in Energy Healing in Lionheart Institute, providing hands on energy work.

    "It is only with the heart that one can see right​l​y: what is essential is invisible to the eye."
    Antoine de Saint Exupery

    Marlene Mogavero, RDMS, RVT, BMB
    24022 Rockridge Ct. Valencia
    (818) 621-3154

    I provide hands-on Energy Healing for stress relief.

    Marshall Richter, EHP
    (626) 221-8636

    Specializing in Addiction recovery - energy healing.

    10833 Braddock Dr, Culver City
    (310) 963-8571
    (323) 945-3979

    Encouraging Artists & Young Adults in Monterey, CA

    Monica Loren Corbett, EHP
    (818) 308-4851
    Nancy Van Orden, EHP, EHC, EHT
    Studio City & Santa Clarita
    (661) 803-1806

    Evening & Weekend Appointments

    Paola Beas, MSW, RYT 200, BMB
    (661) 803-1806

    She offers energy healing sessions that incorporate sound meditation for those looking to reduce stress and increase self awareness.

    (424) 226-8249

    Offices in Studio City and Manhattan Beach.

    Patty Guzman, LMT, EHP, BMC, EHT
    (818) 425-6995

    I provide therapeutic services with working knowledge of the body mind spirit triggering the body's own natural healing abilities in clients that suffer from Chronic Pain, Mental Illness and PTSD.

    Riss Friend, BMB
    (213) 663-8801

    Energy and Chakra Tune-up

    Rita Burgos, EHT,BMC
    454 N. Avenue 56, #1
    Los Angeles

    Northeast Los Angeles/Highland Park
    Energy Healing Therapy and Holistic Counseling
    Adults, Children, and Families

    Rochelle Robinson BA,BA,BFA,MAT,MALA,NASM CPT,YA 200-hr,CYT,BMB,LI
    13816 Bora Bora Way,
    Marina del Rey
    (206) 295-4557

    Through gentle touch Rochelle of Andiamo Body provides Body Mind Balance Healings that will open up and rejuvenate your chakras, while enabling you to indulge in deep relaxation.

    *Dive into deep luxuriation by experiencing mini or full Body Mind Balance Healing after private yoga sessions with Rochelle as well.

    Rochelle Robinson

    Roland Jackson
    Studio City
    (818) 486-3006

    I use integrative medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, herbaltherapy, acupuncture pressure puncture, tai-chi, qigong, orthomolecular nutrition, detox programs, life coach, quantum energetic healer reiki practitioner and other healing techniques.


    Level 1 Mind Body Balance

    2730 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 660
    Santa Monica
    (310) 633-3800
    West Hills
    Santa Clarita
    (661) 313-8373

    BMB and Reiki Master, I provide stress relief through energy balancing and use of essential oils.

    Tina Ji, MA, BMB
    West Hills, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth
    (818) 263-4999

    I support and empower care-takers, rescuers, and people pleasers who ultimately over-give of themselves at the expense of their own health, happiness, relationships, and life's dreams and goals. Through a series of energy healing sessions, I assist clients with asserting healthy personal boundaries, implementing daily self-care, and being advocates for their own truths as they resolve anxiety, work through trauma, relieve stress, and fulfill their life's purpose.

    Blessings, Tina Ji

    Tracey Campbell, EHP, EHC

    I work with individuals who are going through a transition in their life or would like to go through a transition in their life.

    Vanessa Chacon
    4418 S. Centinela #C
    Marina Del Rey
    (310) 437-9532

    Levels of Completion: Level 1 Body Mind Balance Certificate

    Veronica Nicole, EHP, EHC
    Hollywood, CA
    (310) 770-6843

    I am an energy healing counselor with a specialty in transpersonal relationship coaching. As your facilitator, I play a supportive role in your growth. You will undergo a transformational healing process which includes improving significant key relationships, learning techniques in nonviolent communication, further clarity, a journey into an open conscious heart, understanding others better, and trying to live an overall happier more peaceful life.

    Vicki Gross
    (414) 305-5867

    Providing creative approaches to facilitate healing & wellness via hands-on energy therapy, counseling and life coaching.

    Vrinda Stander, EHT, LMT
    4370 Tujunga Ave,
    Suite 150,
    Studio City,
    CA 91604
    (818) 825-8036
    Yoko Tajima, LMT, EHT
    Los Angeles & Japan
    (951) 833-7525

    Yoko Tajima, President of Platinumbox, Inc. is the Founder of "Power Imaging”. Enchanted with fashion styling since her childhood in Japan. Yoko has studied Fashion Business in London, Transpersonal Psychology in Los Angeles and she is a licensed Image Consultant based in Los Angeles. Yoko has helped thousands of business people to increase their sales by upgrading their image, mindset and business strategy both in the United States and Japan.