• Dan – Curriculum Offered

    I write and teach advanced curriculum for energy work schools in the United States and Europe. If your school or organization would like to add energy work, at any level of skill, to its curriculum, let me know.

    This curriculum is appropriate for hands-on energy healers, medical professionals, complementary health care professionals, body-oriented therapists, students of these modalities, and interested groups. Each event is custom designed to meet the needs of your participants.

    Curriculum addressing a variety of topics is available in several formats: weekend workshops, seminars, lectures, and on-going classes. Topics include:

    Energy work

    This includes the anatomy and physiology of the human energy field (HEF), techniques for accessing life force from the earth and using it to clear, charge and repair the HEF.

    Advanced energy work includes specific techniques for specific purposes, such as past life healings, and how to help others suffering from inappropriate attachments to habits, people, memories, ideas and emotions.

    Subtle sense perception

    I can show you how to perceive the human energy field. It is not hard, but does require some practice. It is not a parlor trick. It is a useful skill that must be developed. My students usually enjoy some success during their first few minutes of training. In fact, most of us already perceive such things, but do not realize it. So the task is often easier for students than they anticipated. Much of the training has to do with making practical use of the daily subtle sense perceptions we already enjoy.


    We all have guides, whether we know it or not. Guidance comes in many forms: we may have an established relationship with a guide we recognize as a guardian angle, a totem, a spirit guide or an ally. For those of us who have not developed a direct relationship, guidance can come as a hunch, the “parking space” angel, a thought out of left field, or a free-association chain of thoughts touched off by a jingle on the radio.

    The easier it is for you to receive useful information from your guides, the more effective you can be in your life, whether your chosen focus is scientific, artistic, or a helping professional. I lead trainings to help people make more practical use of this resource, buy helping them develop the relationship with existing guides, or helping them establish relationships with guidance needed for specific purposes. I also help them learn how to make use of the information received from guidance.

    Professional Practice Development

    This training is offered to practicing healers and advanced students. To better use the powerful training that you already have, you may wish to develop your healership practice. This is an opportunity to develop and integrate energy work techniques, high sense perception, and professional practice training into your healership.

    How do we make the choices that healers must make in serving their clients and their own longing? What do we chose if there is a conflict of interest? What do we do if we do not have the specialized knowledge that the client expects of us? How is our ability to answer these kinds of questions affected by the emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges that we face on our journey in these bodies? How do these challenges affect our clients’ ability to receive us and notice what we offer? How can we help ourselves and our client’s notice who they really are?

    These are the types of questions that go beyond the knowledge gained by education and training. These questions stimulate the growth of wisdom. Experience is the best teacher.

    In this training, we will pool our experiences and use them to discover the wisdom offered in each situation. We will address the use of specific techniques for specific physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. We will discuss and discover how to meet our current edge in our healership We will focus on how you might refine your work, what you notice, and how you make contact. We will practice maintaining awareness of our highest longing while helping the other seek their highest longing.

    As we progress, we will notice skills, or techniques that would be useful. We will practice what we can during class, and take the rest to test in our healing rooms.

    Our basic format will be sitting in a circle. We may also use experiential energy play, in pairs or triads. We will use group discussion, hands on experimentation or demonstration. We may also use our high sense perception together, to validate or confirm our perceptions and experience. We will use guided visualizations to focus our perceptions and learning. We may use hands on work in small segments or even a complete healing.

    For the professional practice issues, attendees will present problem clients. This will lead to discussions of what edge these clients are mirroring to the healer, what the client’s next step might be in meeting that edge, and what the healer can choose to do to help the client. We will discuss and explore the transference/counter transference issues involving time, money, sexuality, power, and confidentiality that may be involved. Because the specific content will be custom designed for those attending, we will start with a phone call. Be prepared to ask for what you want! There will also be a short questionnaire that needs to be completed with some soul searching, delivered via fax or email at least two weeks before class starts. All attendees are expected to be present and willing to name and drop their own defenses as often as necessary to maintain participation and presence. Applicants must be a graduate, or advance student of a recognized energy work school, or demonstrate the equivalent.