• Dan – Coaching and Supervison for Healers

    Supervision sessions – for students, helpers, and healers

    Supervision addresses issues in your relationship to your own healership, your clients, ethics, decision-making and any psychological transference. It is appropriate for practicing healers and student healers beginning to practice.

    Coaching for healers

    Coaching sessions are appropriate for healers or student healers. Often these sessions are designed to gain specific training for a specific purpose; sometimes the healer is being asked to address an unfamiliar issue; or, sometimes the healer feels that they need more experience in order to help a client. Sometimes the session includes the client who is asking for help. Such sessions may be done in person, or over the phone. Coaching sessions include just one or two healers.

    Some of the topics of coaching sessions, include:

    Professional practice development issues
    High sense perception
    Developing guidance
    Learning and practicing specific energy work techniques
    A specific client or type of client
    A specific issue, disease or condition