• The Arts and Healing of Trauma

    A collaboration between artists and Healers’ Forum

    Many of our faculty first worked together in Got Your Back Creative Production’s FIRE IN THE HEART, first performed at the California Women’s Conference in 2014 and again in conjunction with Cabrillo College Theatre Arts in Aptos, CA in 2016. Co-directed by Deborah Allen and Delores Burgess, we are 22 artists performing in the art forms that saved our lives: gospel, hip hop, classical music; spoken word; dance; film and poetry,

    In 2017, we joined forces with The Healers Forum to create a platform for working with people in the healing arts to create curriculum for clients and students. This is an ongoing collaboration between students and graduates of Lionheart / Healers Forum and the artists of FIRE IN THE HEART to open new opportunities in our communities for exploring the arts and their deep contribution to healing.

    Got Your Back Creative
    Got Your Back Creative is our home base as all of us are working to create film and theatre grounded in our belief that the arts play an important role in healing trauma and creating wholeness.

    Currently, we have two film projects in development and a theatre production preparing to tour after two sold out shows in Long Beach and Santa Cruz.

    We are a collective of humans and artists who have a strong belief that art can create resilience, build stronger communities, help young people think in new ways, change attitudes, and most of all, be part of a world that is paying attention to how we heal and what it means to be part of “repair of the world.”

    All of our projects are designed to take pressing (and personal) social issues and let the arts weave the stories so that our audiences can tolerate confronting difficult issues, and still come away with a model for human decency and the ability to survive and thrive even after trauma.

    www.gotyourbackcreative.com for more info.