• Dan – Energy Work Session

    Energy work sessions are intended to support you in healing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual complaints.

    I think of healing as restoring our bodies, hearts and minds to the point where we can use them to serve our deepest Spiritual longings for our Life Journey. To the extent that we have lost touch with our longing, healing includes its restoration to our awareness. I am available to be your partner in this process, your committed listener and your mirror. My work is intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you may undertake, including traditional medicine. Please feel free to discuss our work with your doctor.

    I can assist you in your healing by making appropriate energy available to you and by directing it appropriately, which will usually help balance your energy field and usually enhance your sense of well-being. If you wish, I am available to teach you how to perceive and regulate your energy field to support your journey.

    Among the techniques that I use are the laying-on of hands, grounding, charging, clearing & restructuring the human energy field, Reiki, energy awareness techniques, guided imagery, guided meditation, and biofeedback. I am usually able to tell you where energy is blocked in your energy field and help you to release these blocks. To help you heal, I may teach you how to regulate your own energy field in ways that you can practice between sessions.

    Confidentiality. We may discuss the major stresses in your life, your belief systems, health history, your childhood, and other issues which may have an influence on your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being. These discussions will be kept confidential, to the extent permitted by law.

    Private sessions, in person, usually last about 1.5 hours give or take 15 minutes. A first session can last longer to accommodate your questions, and getting to know more about each other.

    Long distance energy work sessions Many of my sessions are conducted long distance. These usually take one hour. I am usually in phone communication with clients during the session, and sometimes with caregivers, and other healers who may be physically present with the client. I don’t use the phone when a client may be asleep, unconscious, unable to speak English, or may need to remain undisturbed.

    Ideally, a session is received resting in private, using a head set phone so that the body can relax. The client calls me at the appointed time. We usually talk first, just like during an in-person session. The energy work is also the same. Much of this can be perceived by the client, especially with one or two sessions practice.

    FAQ’s about Dan’s Private Sessions: How often must I receive energy work to get results?

    Usually the experience of one or two sessions can give you the information you need to decide for yourself. How often you come depends on several factors. For most issues, once a week sessions are appropriate. If you are preparing or recovering from surgery, you may have to come several times before and after your surgery. If you suffer very uncomfortable symptoms, you may not want to wait for once a week sessions; you may decide to come more often. If you have a life-threatening situation, you may want daily sessions.
    Often, while people notice that the sessions help their original reason for coming, they also learn how broad a range of issues can be helped with energy work. They may continue to come after their original symptoms are relieved, to work on other issues. This is your choice.

    Will energy work help me with my specific needs for healing?

    This is a good question to bring up with any healer of any modality that you may be considering. There are usually no guarantees with most healers or healing modalities, and this is also true of my energy work. In addition to the modality, much depends on the specific healer, the specific issues, and you. So each of us must discuss the details with our healer. And I encourage you to contact me with your questions.
    I have not worked with all of the possible issues. Among those issues that I have worked with, the following are some that energy work seems well suited to help; again, there are no guarantees, and please note that this list is not complete:

  • •   Acute injuries, including broken bones, surgery, and burns
  • •   Chronic emotional issues characterized by stress, anxiety, and physical symptoms
  • •   Coma
  • •   Coping with loss, grief, and lost opportunities
  • •   Fibromyalgia
  • •   Irritable bowel syndrome
  • •   Organ and organ system function
  • •   Recovery from side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapies.
  • •   Recovery from transplant surgery
  • •   Relationship issues
  • •   Spiritual issues such as discovering and following your longing
  • Can I really perceive life force?

    I can perceive the Human Energy Field and energy or life force. Yes, often I notice aspects of the aura, chakras, past lives, disease processes etc. Is it useful? Yes, often it helps me help my clients. I find that supporting the energy body to heal supports the mind, heart, and body as well. Often specific interventions can be perceived to give specific results.

    Do I perceive energy in the way you are imagining “seeing” to be? Probably not; most people imagine subtle sense perception to be a kind of seeing. Seeing as in using the eyes. There are many popular healers who carelessly, or unknowingly, use the word “see” when more useful words might be notice, or perceive. My perception is not like that. I notice things on the screen of my mind, with my eyes open or closed. Sometimes I notice things by touching them, and building up an image on the screen of my mind like an ultra sound image. It’s often in black and white, however, I know what color things are when I need to know.

    Most healers that I have met and trained use many senses, but the three most popular are seeing, hearing, and touching. I rely on touching most often. I am referred to as a kinesthetic healer. This sense is not limited to what I can touch with my physical hands, although that often helps. The nature of subtle sense perception is such that once the healer receives the perception through one subtle sense; the data is independent of the limits of that sensory channel. That’s why, once I’ve perceived what I’m focused on, once I’ve touched it, I can spontaneously translate it into the language of any other sense. So I know what color things are that I touch rather than see. Most healers can do this with a little practice. As a teacher of healers, I have had a lot of practice using the same senses and language as my students.

    Can I look into your body and tell you that you do or do not have a particular disease or condition, like cancer?

    I get this question, in various forms, a lot. Sometimes I can help in this way, and sometimes I cannot. I do not recommend that you try a session just to answer this question, but rather to get help to heal. My perception and training are very useful in tracking the effects of your life style on your energy field, heart, mind and body. And I can help you notice the same, so you can make better day to day choices to care for yourself and realize your life purpose.

    I am very good at allowing myself to notice what’s going on in your body when it is not a life or death form of the question. The more important the question, (i.e do I have cancer?), the more likely that my ego becomes afraid. When this happens, I cannot always receive the evidence of my senses. Each healer has his or her limits. This is one of mine.

    On the other hand, I have taught certain medical professionals, who make life and death decisions more or less daily, to use their subtle perception so well, that they have grown to rely on it in emergencies when they must act before medical tests can be performed.