• A Walk in the Mountains

    Restructuring Organs, Limbs, and Other Body Parts that have been Damaged or Removed from the Physical Body

    by Dan Buffo

    Damage to the energy body usually results from the same trauma that causes the physical damage. However, energetic damage often continues to develop during the time after a trauma is suffered. Restructuring can help heal these physical and energetic wounds, and even prevent the further development of an energetic wound. The client’s choices and reactions can make a big difference in the progress and quality of healing. These choices can make healing easier or more difficult. The healer’s choices and reactions also make a big difference. Compare the two stories below to learn how this is true:

    A Walk in the Mountains, version #1

    Imagine that you are walking with friends in the mountains. One friend trips, and falls heavily to the ground. You see it all, and are first to reach her. She is lying with one cheek against the ground, panting, holding her ankle with both hands. She is groaning in pain. She says she thinks her ankle is broken. As you notice fear cloud her face she says, “How will I get home? I knew I should have worn hiking boots, now what am I going to do?”

    The others make her comfortable, and try to determine if her ankle is really broken. While she is resting, you help her calm herself, breathe with her, help her to ground and receive life force to refresh herself. You also energize her ankle and major chakras.

    The group’s consensus is that the ankle is probably not broken, just badly sprained. Emotionally, she is upset and afraid. There is a lot of pain. She cannot put any weight on the ankle. All agree that she cannot walk. Two friends have gone for help. And two are making a camp. You are working energetically, first to clear, and then to charge each area of her aura.

    The next morning, she can walk with great difficulty, if someone helps her. The group starts walking back, taking turns to support her as she walks. After awhile the pain is too great and all must stop. The rescue party finds you on the trail. She is carried out with a badly sprained ankle, made worse, and much more painful, by trying to walk on it.

    A Walk in the Mountains, version #2

    Imagine that you are walking with friends in the mountains. One friend trips, and falls heavily to the ground. You see it all, and are first to reach her. She is lying with one cheek against the ground, panting, holding her ankle with both hands. She is groaning in pain. She says she thinks her ankle is broken. As you notice fear cloud her face she says “How will I get home? I knew I should have worn hiking boots, now what am I going to do?”

    You ground, spin your chakras, and begin to help. First, you ask the others to be silent. You charge her ankle and the back of the third chakra. As you hold your field steady, full and calm, harmonic resonance brings these qualities into her field. She becomes more aware of herself, less lost in her reactions. She turns over. Her breathing has slowed some.

    Fortunately, you reached her very soon after her fall, and were able to prevent the tears in the structured levels of her energy body, (from the ankle up her leg, like runs in a stocking.) from tearing further. So there is less to restructure. She did not loose much energy, so there is less to charge.

    After a minute or two more, you ask two friends to hold her feet gently, grounding themselves and her. You ask another to find coats for “pillows”. You make eye contact and tell her that the accident is over and that she is now safe and can relax. While you are helping her to let the waves of emotion and reaction flow through her, the others try to determine if her ankle is really broken. When she clenches, you help her notice and consciously choose to loosen up again, preventing further tears to the structured levels of her energy body. As you clear, charge, and restructure the wound to the energy body your hands are on her ankle, and chakras.

    By clearing often during your work, you released energy that otherwise would have added to her experience of pain, emotional upset, fear, and suffering. Within a few minutes she improves noticeably. She worries she is holding up the group too long, and wants to try walking. You ask her to wait a while longer, until you finish. Working together, you help her notice, bit by bit, that the pain and the feeling of being hurt are fading away, as the etheric (1st) level is repaired and realigned with the etheric template (5th level of the field).

    After resting for two hours, through gentle experiments, she finds that she is able to walk a little, slowly, without increasing the pain. She manages 10-minute walks and 10-minute rests the first hour. You clear, charge, and restructure at each rest stop. She improves a little more. The group reaches the car and talks of their experience during the ride home. They want to understand more about what you have been doing to help. So does she.

    You describe the development of the wound and how restructuring helped heal it:
    When she fell, she felt the pain of the etheric body tearing, as the ankle was sprained. She reacted physically by holding her ankle and crying. Emotional (2nd level) energy began to pour out of the wound and to congest around the wound. She experienced this as fear, confusion, and pain.

    Then she thought, “How will I get home?” She was too distracted to assess her true situation. Whenever she tried to focus, her mind remained unclear because she was using a torn (3rd level) mental body. Emotional (4th level) energy, poured out through the tear in the 3rd level of the field as she said, “I knew I should have worn hiking boots, now what am I going to do?” These words indicate she became aware of the changing relationships (4th level is the level of relationship) with her ankle, her friends, and her plans. Events are not happening as she has planned! The 5th level is the level of plans, intent, objectives, etc. Her etheric (1st), lower emotional (2nd), mental (3rd) and astral (4th) bodies are no longer in alignment with her as-yet-unharmed and whole etheric template (5th).

    Had you not interrupted this sequence, the wound could have continued to develop as it did in the first version of this story, leading to additional injury and a longer recovery. Without your help, her pain and mental confusion would have increased as the tears, or runs in her first and third level ran further up her leg toward the vertical power current. The continued “bleeding” of emotional energy from the 2nd and 4th levels would have congested and inhibited the healthy flow of energy nearby. Fresh energy could not get through the congestion to the wound. Anxiety and defense (“I’m holding up the group, I want to try and walk.”), if acted upon, could have added to the energetic and physical injuries.

    At this stage, it is harder for her to notice truth, or balance, in the world, and take appropriate action. She is not sure what to do or if she can do anything at all. The 5th level is disturbed, and could also tear.

    But you did not allow this to happen, nor did you allow the tears in the 1st and 3rd levels to develop further. And you prevented a lot of life force from being spilled out of the organized structure of the field and into the congesting chaos of the wound.

    They want to know how you did it. You tell them a little about the restructuring technique: When you put hands on, you stabilized the edges of the tears, and helped stop them from developing further. She experienced this as a reduction in emotional upset, mental confusion, and the imagination of the worst possibilities. Then you began to repair the tears. Making contact with her, breathing with her, and talking with her helped her notice that things were not as bad as her fears. Clearing removed the chaotic and congested emotional energy that would have made things worse. When you used harmonic induction, it helped her organize her energy field to better use the life force available.

    And you increased her available life force when you charged the field, and supported the body’s natural healing response. As she felt better, you helped her care for her physical body by preventing her from trying to walk before it was ready, thus avoiding additional physical injury. With the energy field thus supported, the extent of the energetic damage was much reduced, the time it took the energy body to recover was shortened, and additional damage to the physical body was avoided.

    You let them know that the most powerful thing you did was to help her make the choices that supported her own healing. Recognizing all of her, rather than focusing only on her wound, reminded her of her spiritual nature, and supporting her to stay centered, strengthened her Hara, and all the levels of the field. Helping her notice the pain fading away restored effective function to the mental body and increased her sense of empowerment, choice and vitality. Even the way you talked about it in the car on the ride home helped her keep her perspective and avoid being overwhelmed by the trauma, before she receives medical treatment.

    In this example, the wound and much of its recovery happened in a few hours. Can you image what might happen if you have an organ removed, say a gall bladder, and years or decades go by? Often the energy body of the organ is badly wounded and neglected. After all, isn’t it believed to be “gone”, since the physical organ was removed?” Restructuring the energy body of the organ supports all the levels, including what we call our heart, mind, ego, sensuality, etc. Often, restoring the energy body has an effect on the physical body. Restructuring the thyroid gland can sometimes reduce the amount of medication needed. Restructuring the pancreas can sometimes reduce the need for insulin medication in diabetic clients. If the client has been living without an organ for a long time, and not having the understanding that the energy body of that organ is still here, there may be a great need for healing. It may take a series of sessions to help the energy body recover completely.

    If possible, start restructuring before scheduled surgery and continue afterward. But even decades later, great healing can be supported with the restructuring of missing organs.

    Copyright May 2017, by Dan Buffo, all rights reserved.