• Deb – Pain Management and Education

    The Ethos of Pain

    The experience of pain has profound meaning in our lives. It demands that we change, adjust, re-evaluate. To manage and then to transform chronic pain is a creative act that incorporates both active will and reaching the deeper levels of the subconscious.

    Wounded Angel by Hugo Simberg

    Pain Management

    Pain itself is not a simple physical phenomenon. It is a series of multi-layered perceptions that create how each individual actually experiences pain. Healing from the pain experience means ongoing education about our deepest inner needs and desires; a daily balancing and re-balancing of all parts of the self. Body, emotion, mind and spirit are interpenetrating parts of the same whole. What affects one affects all of the others.

    Available services:

    Individual healing programs
    Support groups and education
    Seminars and workshops for healing professionals
    Complementary, adjunctive healing techniques – Energy medicine
    Patient advocacy and decision making

    Please contact Deborah at deb@healersforum.com
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