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    Transformation of Chronic Pain
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    “I don’t believe that one person heals another.
    I believe that what we do is invite the other person into a healing relationship.”
    – Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

    Healing and Counseling

    The kind of healing work offered here invites clients to embark on the “hero’s journey.” It means spending quality time with all parts of ourselves, including belief systems that are no longer useful, old thought forms that keep us locked into negative mind sets, even family patterns that encourage constant reactivity instead of clear choice. Healing also means celebrating our courage, tenacity, problem-solving abilities and sense of humor.

    Hands-on healing works with human energy field, which carries information about the mind, body and spirit. By increasing the amount of life force (or “chi”) in our energy systems, we increase awareness and encourage movement towards awakening, realizing our heart’s deepest longing, and healing..

    “Complete health and awakening are really the same.” – Tarthang Tulku

    As a practitioner of “energy medicine,” (a new name for a timeless set of ideas) I work with pain as blocked energy. In itself, this blocked area is neither good nor bad. Instead it is energy that is not flowing freely. Our belief that pain is evil, cruel, or out to get us adds another level of stress to an already stressed system. The energy blocked in “pain,” once released, becomes energy that works for our well-being.

    Support groups offer profound opportunities for unblocking stuck belief systems. Love, uncritical listening and speaking long hidden secrets can release deep new rivers of energy. Creating community around similar issues breaks through the isolation of illness and connects us to hope, a great healing tool.

    One-on-one healing sessions offer a more individualized process, a focused opportunity to connect deeply with your own physical body and explore specific energy blocks with the undivided attention of a healer/guide.