• Dan – Intro to energy work

    The flow of energy, or life force, through the Human Energy Field (HEF), or aura, is vital to the health of the body, mind, heart, & Spirit. We use life force to support the health of the physical body. Without it, our body can weaken and succumb to injury, trauma, and disease. Lack of life force can also leave us with depressed feelings, and a dulled mind. Going without enough energy for a long time can distract us from following the longing of our Spirit. We can become lost to our purpose in life.

    Energy work is a modality used to restore our bodies, hearts and minds to the point where we can use them to serve our deepest Spiritual longings. To the extent that we have lost touch with our true longing, healing includes its restoration to our awareness.

    The healer can help using energy techniques that charge, clear and repair the HEF, with refining the client’s high sense perception and with coaching and suggestions regarding self-care. I teach my clients how to access the energy directly, and how to use it to address their symptoms. This, in turn, supports a healthy body, mind, and heart. Each of us, in the end, is his or her own healer: healing comes primarily from within.

    Energy work is often used along with other healing modalities, such as modern medicine, surgery, and drugs; hence we refer to energy work as complementary medicine. Healers are often trained to be patient advocates and team leaders, coordinating many health care specialists contributing support to the same client.

    It is not enough that the body, mind, and heart be healthy, the soul needs to be empowered to use them to continue its spiritual journey. Healing also addresses the needs of the soul.

    I like to think of each of us as a soul on a journey that began before we incarnated on this earth. Our intention is what manifests and organizes the energetic and physical bodies, within the human reproductive system that resulted in our birth. The soul’s intention is what initiates the journey, and makes choices during the journey; choices about our body, relationships, giving and receiving, loving and being loved, teaching, lessons, and learning.

    Once we incarnate, most of us do not clearly remember the details of what we intended our journey to be. Our intention continues to exist during our journey even when we are not aware of it. For most of us, this means most of the time because we get distracted by our experience, and illnesses. A healer’s task includes helping clients get back in touch with the soul’s intention.

    I believe our basic intent is to fulfill our journey in the most life supporting way. Cultivating awareness of the soul’s intention helps us make choices that fulfill our journey. The healer can help the client to align his or her daily choices with the original intention of this life journey.

    So healing is about restoring our ability to make the most life supporting choices on our journey. We must discover what choices can lead to ill health and what choices fulfill our purpose. I like to help the client to discover this by noticing changes in the energy body in response to our choices. Noticing helps us to change our choices for the better, often before physical, mental or emotional symptoms occur or become troublesome. And when we are faced with these discomforts, we can often help ourselves to heal faster and with more energy.

    So healing has two main parts. First, there is the repair, recovery and nourishment of the energy bodies, the physical body, heart, and mind. And second, healing means looking at the soul’s choices that contributed to our illness, and looking at what choices make a difference in our recovery.

    I teach clients more about noticing and making these choices. I will be able to tell you where energy is blocked in your energy field and help you to release these blocks. Most of our daily experience of thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs, will, logic, and ego are, in fact, part of our energy bodies. I start with some basic tools that each client customizes, with practice, to meet specific needs.

    In addition to hands on energy work techniques, my energy tools include energy awareness techniques, discussion, the human voice, visualization, guided imagery, guided meditation and massage. If you have a question about your situation, feel free to contact me.