• Our Mission

    Welcome to The Healers Forum. We are an international collaborative of healing professionals, with our hub in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz, California.

    Healers Forum training supports personal and professional transformation. We offer LIVE workshops  LEVEL ONE,  LEVEL TWO  and LEVEL THREE professional certification courses, as well as seminars in group work training, women’s circles, arts and the healing of trauma and ONLINE courses.

    Our mission is to give you the skills you need to create resilience and wholeness, using principles and practices from energy work modalities and transpersonal psychology. We are here to support you facilitate healing, whether for yourself and your family or as a career in the healing arts.

    Our programs are open to those who are looking for personal transformation and renewal, as well as those who want to train in the work of a healing professional. Our courses are also appropriate for those who are looking to supplement their skills as body-centered therapists of all kinds (hands-on healers, psychotherapists, medical professionals, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists and more).

    About Our Professional Certifications in Energy Healing

    The Essentials: Level 1. Participants who attend receive a Body Mind Balance Certificate. You attend one four-day intensive training plus one three-hour follow up Integration and Graduation session. Click to read more about the Level 1 Certificate.

    The Energy Healing Counselor: Level 2. Upon completion, participants receive the Energy Healing Counselor Certificate. You attend five four-day weekends scheduled once every two months over the course of one year. Click here to read more about the Level 2 Certificate.

    The Energy Healing Therapist: Level 3. Upon completion, participants receive the Energy Healing Therapist Certificate. You attend five four-day weekends scheduled once every two months of the course of one year. Click here to read more about the Level 3 Certificate.


    We began as two parallel but connected healing programs – the Lionheart Institute, founded in 1998 by Laura Fine and Bunny Rush, and The Healers’ Forum, founded in 1991 by Deborah Allen and Dan Buffo.

    Deborah Allen and Dan Buffo

    In 2017, we’ve merged and brought our resources together under the name The Healers’ Forum. Between both programs, we’ve run workshops and seminars for thousands of students not only in our hub city of Los Angeles, but in Santa Cruz, California as well as Michigan, Montana, New York, Texas, Wisconsin… Croatia, France, Germany and Japan!

    This beautiful quote from long-time faculty member Scott Bader reflects the ground that we walk:

    “Human beings are not born they are made, slowly, over a lifetime and the
    practices we have are gifts we give ourselves. Because we don’t lose or
    leave anything, and we are who we are as the result of a lifetime of being
    alive, finding ourselves repeatedly, and seemingly randomly, traversing the
    wheel, we benefit from being able to choose the particular practice that
    supports steadiness in the moment”.
    – Scott Bader 2017

    Deb and Scott develop new teaching methods

    Deb and Scott develop new teaching methods

    Our programs are constantly evolving as the needs of our students and communities change. We are committed to a diverse, inclusive program that learns as it teaches — you are part of our ongoing success and your creativity and energy welcome.

    Right now, we are focused on three areas:

    1. Training adult learners to understand the field of transpersonal energy healing which includes both hands-on energy skills and practices, as well as grounding your work in the principles of transpersonal psychology – mind, body and spirit as a unified operation system! For more info click the links to The Essentials and Advanced Studies in BodyMindTherapy and webinars.

    2. Training teachers and group work leaders, to support the ongoing-ness of this method of learning, but also offering our generations of skill to new group work facilitators. For more information, write deb@healersforum.com

    3. Our new addition to the program involves developing training and practice for those interested in using the arts to address and facilitate healing from trauma. For more info click the link to: Arts and the Healing of Trauma

    Our instructors join us from all parts of the world to offer their area of expertise. Our teachers set the tone for trust with appropriate self-disclosure, honesty and a policy of confidentiality, creating a safe “space” for exploration, intimacy and dynamic group work. All senior instructors have a thriving personal practice with over 15 years’ professional experience.