• Most Powerful Energy Tool

    What is the Most Powerful Energy Work Tool?

    By Dan Buffo

    I am often asked, “What is the best or most powerful energy work tool or technique?” I give various answers. It is always safe to mention grounding, since without this, our energy fields, perception and our ability to make contact are compromised. Another thing I mention is that in different situations, different tools work best, but no one tool is always the first choice. When pressed, I might say that the human voice is the most useful and versatile energy tool I use. Let me explain.

    The basic intention of the healer is to help the client live the life they came into the world to live: to fulfill their purpose. So, the most important thing we can do for our clients is to empower them to live that life.

    Helping clients help themselves is far more efficient than attempting to do it for them. Most of my clients are taught to ground early in our relationship. Once they can, I help them to clear and charge their own energy bodies. In the healing room, for example, when I notice an area that is not receiving well, before I charge it, I ask them if it’s alright if that area receives, and may ask them to allow the energy from their own ground to fall towards it. This is a way of helping the client clarify their intention in the present moment. Results, in the form of greater or better charging are usually instantaneous, because energy follows thought and thought follows Intention.

    If there is energy congestion or a block, I ask them if they want to hang onto it or is it ok if it goes. Again, results are usually immediate. This strategy may be repeated if, as the client’s field charges, they become aware of deeper blocks or unconscious holdings. Voice can be used to guide and refine the client’s ability to allow the healing to unfold in may other ways. It can also be used to channel and direct life force.

    Copyright, Dan Buffo, May 2017, all rights reserved.