• Level 1 – The Essential Weekend – Mind/Body Balance Certificate

    How to use Emotional Energy as Healing Energy
    With Instructors Deborah Allen and Dan Buffo

    How to know if you’re a closet healer:

    • Your entire life people seek you out for guidance, clarity and leadership
    • You’ve given tirelessly, to exhaustion and health problems, you’ve had enough
    • You’re intuitive and don’t know what to do with it
    • You have a gift of healing touch
    • You’re finally ready to be recognized and compensated for it.

    The world looks bleak when you’re not doing what you love. Los Angeles is the cutting edge place for visionaries in many professions, including professional Energy Healing.

    The Awakening is a 4-day body/mind/energy psychology evolution that teaches you to feel authentic and grounded for personal contentment and professional success.

    What you can expect

    • Turn fear into life force: Release stuck emotions
    • Stop reactivity from interfering with your personal and professional goals
    • Clear and charge your Energy System, perceive chakras & auras for confidence and clarity
    • Strengthen your center: with a vital, practical meditation practice
    • Help others heal: have a healing system for friends, family and clients
    • Have healthy energy boundaries in personal relationships and professional practice

    How it works

    • One LIVE four-day intensive weekend scheduled Thursday through Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm, 20 minutes from Burbank airport at Poverello Retreat Center on 10 acres of beautiful land
    • One Live OR virtual 3-hour Integration session, one month after the four-day weekend

    Start your Level 1 Energy Healing Practice, earn $60-$80 per hour

    • Earn a Body Mind Balance Level 1 Certificate
    • Be listed on the Find a Healer page on the healersforum.com website
    • Be qualified to purchase liability insurance through the Healing Touch Professional Association
    • Tuition $1495, payment plans available

    “I realize in my urgency to assist others, I also need support and help too. Those 4 days caused a much needed shift within me and I can now say, ‘I am here!’ and ‘I speak my truth!’ with authentic certainty as I continue on with my true life’s purpose. I came to Level 1 ready to learn to best facilitate healing in others and I left having been healed myself.” TD, teacher

    The following LEVEL ONE course is July 19th-22nd, 2018, also in Los Angeles at the Poverello retreat center. Click here to register.

    or contact: Deborah Allen, 831-465-9298. deb@healersforum.com for more info.

    Deb’s story

    When I was in my thirties, I developed a serious auto-immune disease that ended up demanding a lot of surgery, intense pain, and a year in bed. Many things contributed to my eventual recovery. I had a good relationship with Western Medicine, as my mother and brother were doctors. I had an interesting awareness of the mysteries outside of my understanding, as my father spent many years in Arnhem Land, Australia, writing a book about the sacred stories of the traditional people there. And as a theater major, I was deeply aware of the power of creativity and connection.

    What surprised me was energy work. Someone told me I should see an energy healer (amidst pain killers, yoga, biofeedback, and bedrest). The work she had me do – traveling into my own interior landscape to ask my deep intuitive soul what it might need me to know that I could not bring easily to consciousness. I discovered a little witch who was kicking the heck out of my surgery sites, angry angry angry. Getting to know her, and create a relationship with my own anger, was a turning point in my life, and my healing. What I also didn’t expect was the power of the relaxation response that came with hands on touch therapies, and their ability to entrain me so that I could begin to teach myself how to relax – a major shift in my high octane personality at the time. All of it surprised me. And honestly, still does.

    Lionheart Institute students working with the human energy field.

    So what is the human energy field? It is one way of describing the moving and shifting reality that we affect each other constantly just by sharing the same space.

    Most spiritual and mystical traditions have a way of discovering and teaching those in the tribe that are most sensitive to this unseen world, and create ways of working with it to help facilitate healing.

    Los Angeles is the cutting-edge place for visionaries in many professions, including the world of professional Energy Healing. Only thirty years ago, Energy Healing and even chiropractic and acupuncture were considered quackery. The time has finally come when Energy Healing has become a powerful professional presence in Western medicine.

    Level One: The Essentials – Body-Mind Balance Certificate

    Level One is an opportunity to experience a set of body/mind/energy psychology practices that support feeling authentic. It opens the door to working with the human energy system as it supports healing for yourself and others. We use ancient priniciples and modern understanding to create a learning environment that will build confidence in your own inner resilience, and your capabilities can be of service to others.

    How does it work?

    • four-day intensive weekend scheduled Thursday through Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm
    • 2 (two) 90-minute teleseminar integration sessions in the six weeks after the weekend training
    Day 1
    Grounding Your Power
    Day 2
    How To Have A Fearless Heart
    Day 3
    Spiritual Psychology of Health & Healing
    Day 4
    Energy System of Healing
    Integration sessions

    Two 90- minute teleseminars with our class within the six weeks after the training weekend, then graduation!

    The Curriculum:

    • Using energy tools to work with fear, helping to turn it into flow instead of that feeling of stuckness.
    • How to stop reactivity from interfering with your personal and professional goals by creating a strong, resilient inner environment that can handle the inevitable expansion and contraction that is inevitable in human life.
    • Your relationship to holistic health
      (all about balance) in practical, repeatable ways.
    • How the chakras work, and what is the AURA, that mystical unseen place that we connect with even when we don’t know it.
    • How to clear, open and charge your Energy System for confidence and clarity and to begin perceiving chakras and auras.
    • Being Grounded – a vital, grounded meditation practice that becomes like breathing, a place of centered calm and safety.
    • Learn a healing system about connection and relaxation : a safe, well-explored form of table work, the MindBody Balance, which creates a deep relaxation response which is the base note of allowing the body to rest and heal.
    • Explore together how to begin a new career as a transpersonal energy healer, use the information to begin, enhance and/or enrich work you are already doing, and as always, come for your own transformation.
    • The weekend emphasizes how to have healthy energy boundaries in relationships and for professional practice
    • Be part of an amazing community of like-minded souls
    • Giving and receiving The Body Mind Balance

    “The teachers are top-notch. Not only did I leave with an excellent understanding of energy healing, but I opened up to heal myself in ways I never believed possible.”
    Christina McMahon, PhD.

    Your investment

    Tuition: $1495

    Your $100 application fee is fully refundable if you’re not accepted.

    How to apply

    Click HERE to fill out the easy Application and Registration Form you must complete. We’ll take about 7 business days to review, process and respond to your Application.


    The Healers Forum has its own house and classroom at the lovely Poverello of Assisi Retreat Center in the Los Angeles area on 40 acres of manicured lawns. The house includes a full kitchen and basic rooms are available for overnight lodging for $60 per night. Please note: No internet service is available at Poverello. Additional nearby hotel information is available upon request and is accessible by car.

    Your Commitment and what Level 1 Certification means

    What does it mean to be Certified with The Healers Forum? It means that you have completed a training that gives you enough background to help other people in the areas of stress reduction, connection, and basic energy healing. Many people use the certificate as a jumping off point for opening a professional practice in energy healing.

    Others use the course as a place of personal transformation and illumination into areas they are longing to strengthen or change.

    To earn your Level 1 Certificate, 100% attendance is required. You’ll be given some basic reading and homework assignments to practice and apply what you learned. In addition, you’ll be required to get one professional Transpersonal Energy Healing with a Lionheart/Healers Forum Graduate. This cost is not included in your tuition. Once you complete the program, you’ll be eligible to be listed on the “Find a Healer” page on the HealersForum website.

    “My experience was out of this world, life changing. I have learned so much about myself and ways to cope with many of my own issues in this short training compared to previous help I had before. This made a huge positive impact in my personal life and I hope to one day make that kind of impact in other people’s lives.”

    “This class has shaken something up inside of me. As a result, I’m on the brink of possibly the biggest, most exciting transition of my life.”
    D.D., Financial Advisor

    “I came to Level 1 ready to learn how to best facilitate healing in others and I left having been healed myself. I realize that in my urgency to assist others, I also need support and help too. I discovered being open and vulnerable with myself resonates to a higher understanding of the degree to which I can be available to clients. Those 4 days caused a much-needed shift within me and I can now say, “I am here!” and “I speak my truth! “with authentic certainty as I continue with my true life’s purpose.”

    Your people are waiting for you.